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Let’s make a list. It does not have to be lengthy. Name the activities most important to your success as a Financial Advisor. Think about where you focus your time and energy. Think about where your practice is today, and where you want it to go tomorrow. Are you bogged down by the minutiae forced on you by the corporate name for which you work? Are there limits, restrictions, or obstacles to how and with whom you conduct business? What would you most like to change if you were unfettered from the corporate namesake and branded yourself as The Business and the decision-maker?

For the established Advisor, there has never been a better time to explore your options, and one option, in particular, deserves your utmost attention- that of the Independent Channel. Why bother with another firm that will confine you to their norm? The lure of a signing bonus is just that- a lure. Don’t bite! Get compensation from Day One that is just and fair for the work you do and the value you provide your clients. YOU decide if and when to defer income. Focus your practice and services on the things you desire and not some incentive push by the corporate entity.

Ask yourself, “what initially drew me to the investment world? Why have I followed this career path?” If your answer is for the compensation, the Independent Channel IS the next logical step, as it’s the only path that provides you the full impact of your production. If your answer is because you have a passion for the financial markets, the Independent Channel IS the next logical step, as it’s the only mechanism that allows you the freedom of choice as to how, when, and what products and services you provide. If your answer is that your passion is to help people understand and navigate their financial future, the Independent Channel IS the next logical step, as it’s likely the only direction where you won’t be forced to pigeon-hole your clients based solely on the size of their account. From where does your drive to succeed originate? What is your “why”? The answer to that question will determine your future course.

The Independent Channel could be YOUR next logical step. You could be happier, and as a result, your clients may be more committed than ever.

Live your passion and purpose every day.

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